Hridakasha was our 6 month certificate course, in partnership with Mirra, Chennai. The course aimed to introduce multi-arts forms and demonstrate understanding and specific practice in the area of the arts to facilitate inclusion. The idea is to work with teachers, parents, caregivers and the broader community.

The first edition of Hridakasha was launched with a Certificate course for teachers from mainstream and inclusive schools. The course “Enabling peer – peer interaction to create empathetic learning spaces using the Arts”. The broad purpose of the course was two-fold – Working on self and equipping oneself to facilitate classroom learnings using creative interventions.

Through this initiative, we have now begun working relationships with several schools. The teachers from these institutions below are a part of our first batch of Hridakasha.

TATVA School

Tatva is an institution that enables children to bloom into purposeful, happy adults who strive for excellence in their chosen endeavours and make confident career and life choices. The school approaches children’s learning by ensuring that while keeping the academic requirements as a basis, the focus is also on children’s emotional needs, experiential learning and making curriculum relevant to the child.

sankalpThe Sankalp Trust runs institutions at three locations in Chennai and provides a differentiated learning environment to children with learning challenges and cognitive difficulties. We have teachers from The Open School & The Learning Centre. They have a clear vision of supporting children with special needs by improving their learning and working ability. They believe that the fundamental base for care for children with special needs is in creating an environment that is healthy, supportive, engaging and loving.

APL Global School


APL Global School is an institution that targets whole brain development and inspires the creative best in students by giving them an opportunity to realise their unique potential. They believe in providing learning environments that are target oriented while being self-paced. They aim to develop whole brain potential in students along with life enriching skills.

HLC School


HLC International School is a school that aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through inter-cultural understanding and respect. They wish to encourage their students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners.


Kaumaram Prashanthi Academy is a school for children with different abilities (intellectual disabilities). The facility is based at Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, India. Kaumaram Prashanthi Academy has gained recognition for transforming lives of children, by enabling education and empowering the children based on their intellectual, physical and emotional requirements. Their vision is to facilitate every child to develop on his/her own to the full potential and to add a new dimension that enables the child to manage everyday life independently to blend with mainstream society.