Snehadhara Foundation is a registered non-profit organization based in Bangalore that works with children and adults who are differently-abled, their caregivers and families.

We began by integrating creative processes of learning with small groups of children in schools, with special children in inclusive environments and moved on to setting up a centre – Snehadhara for Arts Based Therapy using multi-arts media, in 2012.

Our vision is to create a self-sustainable community model for independent survival of children and adults with disabilities. Our mission is to connect to children and adults with cross disabilities using Arts Based Therapy.

Snehadhara’s core work is in the use of Arts Based Therapy in working with developmentally disabled children and adults. Snehadhara aspires to be a model for special populations that addresses life goals and academic interventions, and where possible learning experiences meet vocational goals, livelihood & long term care giving.

Snehadhara Foundation is a registered non-profit organization based in Bangalore. With a vision to foster a culture of respect and belonging Snehadhara aims to create inclusionary spaces that welcome, acknowledge, affirm, and celebrate the value of all learners.

We have crafted three initiatives in pursuit of this goal: Direct Care, impART and Prajnadhara.

The ambit of Snehadhara’s mission encompasses working with children across disabilities and across age groups using the Arts (Direct Care); co-creation of empathetic learning spaces in schools, colleges, corporates and the community