Snehadhara Foundation, a prominent non-profit based in Bangalore since its inception in 2012, has emerged as a pioneer in the field of Arts Practices for Inclusion.

We began by integrating creative processes of learning with small groups of children in schools, with special children in inclusive environments and moved on to setting up a centre in 2012.

Snehadhara Foundation’s Inclusion model is centered on fostering holistic inclusion through direct engagement with beneficiaries from special needs and vulnerable groups, integrating arts practices, and establishing a practitioner network for scalability and sustainability.

We have crafted three initiatives in pursuit of this goal: Direct Beneficiary Programme, impART and Prajnadhara.

The ambit of Snehadhara’s mission encompasses working with children with disabilities and from vulnerable groups (Direct Beneficiary Programme); co-creation of empathetic learning spaces in schools, colleges, corporates and the community (impART) and create inclusive spaces for special needs and vulnerable groups by certifying students in Arts Practices for Inclusion (Prajnadhara)