Learning Facilitation


In pursuit of equitable education for all, it is imperative that exposure is provided, especially to the young, to practise working directly with children, to learn facilitation as well as to redesign programs that enable this endeavour. We believe in the medium of the Arts to achieve these goals in a meaningful and holistic way.

impART partners with like minded organizations and offers a 6 month certificate course called Hridakasha and a certificate course for the leadership teams in schools called Vakshana.  We also offer a 12 week certificate course in partnership with Headstreams at 5 colleges.

These certificate courses are intended to expand the creative vocabulary of educators and young adults to co-create uninhibited, non-threatening learning spaces. The courses are a dynamic combination of traditional and modern artistic material. They are aimed at enabling the group to acquire a generic vocabulary of stories, songs, roles, rhythms, drawings and colors and use appropriate combinations to address specific needs across groups.