The intent of our workshops is to help provide an experience of and explore a realm of learning possibilities using the Arts and how these can be used in working with children. It is also to challenge belief systems, push boundaries and create a symbiotic learning relationship within and with the world around. For this we introduce a vocabulary of creative arts-based techniques.

Some Workshops we have conducted


We presented a workshop titled ‘Arts Based Therapy as a complimentary Healthcare Practise- an Eastern Perspective’. Our Founder and Executive Director Gitanjali Sarangan conducted the session with Special educators, Mentors, Art Therapists, Psychologists , Counselors and Practitioners from Entrust, Chrysalis , Alberta Health Services, Thenina- Nina Haggerty centre for the Arts. It was interesting to see the wonderful work each one was doing and their keenness in understanding Mindfulness and Practice in therapeutic and clinical settings. The action research projects conducted at the Direct Care space of Snehadhara presented itself as a capability demonstrator for working with children with special needs using ABT. What the group exhibited was that Diversity is the art of independently thinking together and The Arts is an experience, a learning that unifies this diversity.


At the AEE Conference, we presented a 3 hour workshop titled 'Multi arts and Play to build empathetic inclusive learning spaces' that brought together a diverse group of practitioners who together explored various art forms. The intent of the workshop was to see how best practices in re-imagining classrooms using creative interventions could be shared. It is interesting to see how co-creation of classrooms and learning facilitation seems to be the need in systems of learning across the world.

Neralu Bangalore Tree Festival

NERALU, meaning shade in Kannada is a descriptive metaphor for the Tree festival and indicates what trees have meant to so many citizens of Bengaluru. We share historical, cultural and ecological stories and experiences because of trees that enrich our urban existence. NERALU is a way in which this can be celebrated, shared and reflected upon. Snehadhara did its bit by churning out a voice and rhythm story at the Tree Festival.

Bubbles Autism Centre

Weaving a new journey -We conducted a weaving workshop for some of the teachers and parents of Bubbles Autism Centre titled ‘Basic weaving techniques’. It was a day long workshop at the centre where the participants were introduced to ring/plate weaving, frame loom weaving, straw and cardboard weaving. This was also attended by facilitators at Snehadhara. Along with weaving, it was an enriching experience for both teams to learn and understand the working styles with children at the two spaces.

Brindavan Trust

Facilitated parent workshops for Brindavan Educational Trust, Bangalore. Snehadhara conducted two parent workshops with the parents at Brindavan Trust titled ‘Experiential Learning using multi arts forms’ and ‘Understanding the young adults- The Role of Arts’.


Conducted a two day long workshop for the team from Aatapi, Gujarat on ‘Experience and explore a realm of learning possibilities using the Arts’.

Insight Academy

A teacher training workshop for 80 teachers. The focus of the teacher training workshop was to introduce the group to a vocabulary of creative arts-based techniques in planning classroom content and artistic tools in Drama and Theatre.


A workshop on Arts Based Therapy was conducted at Chennai for special needs educators/caregivers and parents of special needs children. This group has got together to create and expand possibilities for the many children.

HLC International

Facilitated workshops for the parents of the 7i initiative, at HLC International Chennai. Conducted workshops for the teachers and special educators at HLC International , Chennai on ‘Art in Education’.


Conducted a two day long workshop with a team of 42 professionals at Sankalp, Chennai on ‘Creative Interventions in working with special needs’.

Gopalan National School

The session at GopalanNational School gave us an opportunity to examine how we understand our role as a facilitator, how does creativity bring strength in classrooms and what is the stamina one needs to bring about a change in classrooms.

Gopalan International School

‘Re-imagining classrooms using the Arts’ – the start of the workshops to influence learning facilitation with a team of 30 educators from Gopalan International School brought together experiences, views, ideas and possibilities of delivering academic content creatively. The group had teachers from grade 1-10. What was interesting was to see how immaterial of what subject one taught, the question of how can we influence the way we learn held the group together.


Tapovan School is affiliated to Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi. Tapovan’s vision is to impart life skills by providing varied opportunities based on multiple intelligence. Sumathi Ramjee conducted a one day workshop on ‘Enhanced learning through the use of multiple Art forms’ with 28 teachers from the school and other centres. The session focused on self – experience of Art forms, working with the arts to deliver academic content and facilitation using the Arts. A discussion on ‘facilitation tips’ and session boundaries brought out the real time challenges in classrooms.

Hope Early Intervention Session

A beautiful session with parents of the HOPE family. The best gift that we can offer our child is by being present to ourselves . A session with Sumathi Ramjeewhere she brought to life the magical inner child in all of us. From voice to movement to dance to play to creating soundscapes to body percussion, the parents gave it their all. The participants shared that most of them forgot everything and connected to the child within. Our take home metaphor was ‘Possibilities’


The Association for Promoting Social Action or APSA is a rights-based, child-centred, community development organization working in Bangalore and Hyderabad since 1981 towards empowerment of the urban poor, especially with children in distress. Snehadhara has been engaging with the girls, using the arts as a medium to address their therapeutic goals. While, this goes towards preparing them to be able to perform and engage people in public, it also addresses the longer term goals of building self-confidence, positive body image, and body language and so on.