We need many more practitioners who use non-conventional methods to help individuals learn better. Our training programs at various academic institutions focus on enabling students, professionals to look at the arts as a creator of empathetic learning spaces. This being the larger goal, we refrain from engaging in just one off training sessions as a progressive effort is essential in bringing this fundamental shift in the way we look at experiencing learning.


Matrikiran School, Gurgaon

We launched our year long intervention with Matrikiran School with a two-day workshop on “Creative Interventions in Co-creating Empathetic Inclusive Learner led Classrooms” in August this year. It gave the teachers a window into integrating the Arts into teaching methodologies and therapeutic environments within classroom settings. They were introduced to the structure and design of the facilitation of an arts based session. The intent is to observe the teachers in their classes as to how they have understood the use of the arts to enhance their teaching learning process. The feedback, based on session flow and content, children’s response, what the facilitators show as their strengths and what could be worked on differently, strengthens the objective. Through the engagement with children of primary, middle and senior school the aim is to demonstrate the usage of art forms with focus on social domain goals within classrooms. Storytelling, play and theatre games are some of the  mediums used to see how the children perceive and respond to art forms hitherto unexplored in this manner.

APL Global

How do we understand our mind, body and voice and employ them effectively to hone our craft of facilitation? These questions formed the basis our interaction with the teachers at APL. There was a classroom observation and feedback mechanism to discern how much they had grasped of how to bring arts into facilitation and create a varied learning environment. The sessions on Arts andBrain as well as Theatre worked at enabling the teachers to look within and open their minds to their own capacities. Their enthusiasm during the sessions was evident and the sharing revealed their tentative experimentation with new ideas in the classroom.

Khushboo Welfare Society

Training and Capacity building for the team at Khushboo Welfare Society (2013-2014)- Conducted a year long Training and Capacity building for teachers at Khushboo Welfare Society, Gurgaon


ABT sessions at Harshyotsava, Bangalore (2013-2014)- Conducted ABT sessions at Harshyotsava which was a weekly once program for children with special needs conceptualized by ASHA (Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism).

Amar Jyoti

Our engagement with them has been to see how we can look at re-imagining classrooms and build the internal capacity of the team to influence learning outcomes in all children. As a part of our year long interaction the focus was to see how creative interventions are implemented in the class rooms, what challenges have emerged and how can we work towards it.

Makkala Jagriti

As a part of one our year long engagements, we flagged off our sessions ‘ Creative interventions in learning facilitation ‘ with the facilitator team at MakkalaJagriti. Makkala Jagriti (literally meaning ‘Awakening of Children’) established in 2003, is an Indian non-profit organization that seeks to create a holistic learning environment for marginalized children who cannot afford holistic learning opportunities.

Kamala Niketan

The intent of our association with KNMS, Trichy has been to introduce the group to integrate the Arts into teaching methodologies and therapeutic environments within classroom settings. The attempt was to create an interdisciplinary approach comprising of practical, artistic and conceptual elements in the existing learning protocols. It has been interesting to facilitate sessions for the teachers of the primary school. Each of these engagements contributes to refining the content and also gives all of us a chance collect data of how learning takes place in our environments.