Vakshana – Collaborative Leadership

Our program “Vakshana – Collaborative Leadership”, is an intensive training course for the top tiers of management to create a collaborative, compassionate leadership milieu.This program involves working with the leadership team and designing a coaching programme for them that involves group and one-on-one sessions once every month.This program is  usually for 1-2 years maximum. The idea is to build the internal capacity of the team leads and transfer the skills for them to take it on with the teams.

Vakshana – Collaborative Leadership at Vana

We flagged off our year long engagement ‘ Vakshana – Collaborative Mindful Leadership’ with the Vana Sabha leaders at Dehradun. The focus of the programme is to explore and demonstrate parallels between the arts experience, self-reflections and the work environment. The session opened with exploring the dramatic structure of the mind ( Sue Jennings) through the experience of the embodied Mandala. The session also embodied spontaneity, playfulness, expressiveness, imagination, humor, empathy and childlikeness which served as a springboard for dramatic explorations.