Yearlong Engagements

Our year long interventions focus on capacity building, trainings, certification with educators towards re-imagining classrooms and learning facilitation by infusing existing learning protocols with artistic interventions.  The intent is to introduce the teachers/educators to integrate the Arts into teaching methodologies and therapeutic environments within classroom and institutional settings.

Year Long Engagements – 2022-2023

Umang Special Care Centre was established in 2014 in Alwar for providing special care to special children of military families. Since then, they have strived to ensure that the special children of military personnel are looked after at the centre.

The team at Snehadhara Foundation worked with 7 children at the Umang Special Care Centre at Alwar using the methodology of the arts over two visits in July and September 2022. The focus was to give them an experience of the multi-arts methodologies of music, art, dance, drama and play as a pilot model being implemented in a one-of-its-kind space for children with disabilities from military families. The engagement involves three visits to Alwar to conduct these face to face sessions, and is a continuation of our work with the children through two terms of the école இllam programme. 

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The lives of military wives are unique and while they carry enormous power and resilience within them, they too have concerns that are peculiar to the roles that they play as wives, caregivers, and most of all, individuals who require the same amount of love and growth as any other person.

Through the Mandala: Creative Dialogue Circles Through Art and Play programme, over 5 sessions held from 18th July 2022 to 22nd July 2022  and 5 sessions help from 5th September 2022 to 9th September 2022, a group of 20 women from Alwar and 80 of them (online) from Jaipur, Udaipur, Mount Abu and Jaisalmer came together in a blended format. Based on the expressed needs of the group, the sessions focussed on identity, our relationships with self and with roles we play and what are our fears in the roles we play. 

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The programme was aimed at building on the capacity of the teachers working at the Umang Special Care Centre at Alwar, that caters to children with special needs from military families. The goal was to work with the teacher at the centre to create, deliver and implement arts-based learning and teaching methodologies with a concrete pedagogical approach. This was done through onsite training during the visits, followed with continuous online support and supervisions through the year for the teacher. 



ONE Billion Literates Foundation seeks to provide quality education to children from socio-economically weaker sections of society in rural Bangalore. They develop and create capacity in rural women to deliver impactful learning, create critical awareness about their role in society and in the environment around them – thus enabling social and financial empowerment for this segment.

The Mandala: Creative Dialogues Circles through Arts and Play programme, conducted by a team of experts and trained Arts Practitioners would be instrumental in building the resilience, self-reliance, and psycho-social well-being of the 60 teachers at OBLF. This would in turn help in capacity building of the rural women from the community that would be tasked with delivering impactful learning to the marginalized children.
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Year Long Engagements – 2019-2020

 Nestled in the residential area of Sector 71, Mohali, Smart Wonders is a happy and welcoming space. The ambience of the school promises to nurture each child’s aesthetic and creative horizons.

Our yearlong engagement titled ‘Mandala- Dialogue Circles through the Arts’ at Smart Wonders School, Mohali enters its second year for a deeper and more intense purpose to take the program further. Three very clear groups emerged through the training and observation sessions in the first year. This year looks at creating mentors to take the program forward and thus would involve training the mentors towards facilitation skills to empower their respective groups. 35 teachers from Grades KG to X would be trained in using the Arts towards working with children to enable deeper dialogues and conversations. The engagement is comprised of a combination of 12 direct contact sessions for training and supervision interspersed with offsite support for planning and reflection.

Year Long Engagements – 2018-2019

The Association for the Mentally Challenged (AMC) was founded in 1960 by Dr. D.L.N. Murthy Rao. Today AMC is an NGO that supports over 200 children, adolescents and adults with IDD. AMC’s aim is to educate, train and rehabilitate individuals with intellectual disability disorder (IDD) and their families. AMC is a member of Federation for the Welfare of the Mentally Retarded (India), The National Trust and Pariwar.

In the second year of our work with AMC, Snehadhara’s team of ABT practitioners and educators provided consultancy services to develop professional training modules, demonstrate quality implementation of instructional, behavioural, and on-going evaluation techniques and strategies to school staff members to ensure successful implementation of such techniques and strategies through multi- Arts.  As a part of the engagement this year, we were at AMC twice a week and ABT sessions were conducted for the children at the centre each week.


Nestled in the residential area of Sector 71, Mohali Smart Wonders is a happy and welcoming space. The ambience of the school promises to nurture each child’s aesthetic and creative horizons. The school is a center of inquiry, creativity and joyful learning, where students from different backgrounds come together to learn, to dream and to grow.  Students experience all the concepts through hand on activities and experiments. The school constantly remains at the cutting edge of technology both in terms of the latest pedagogical methods and in the use of computers and information technology for teaching.

Our yearlong engagement titled ‘Creative Interventions in Re-imagining Classrooms through Dialogue Circles’ at Smart Wonders School, Mohali aimed to create opportunities for communication and learning for both teachers and children and enable possibilities to achieve independence and empowerment. Through the engagement we trained 35 teachers from Grades KG to X towards how the arts can be used in working with children as a medium of communication to enable expression.

The engagement was comprised of a combination of 6 direct contact sessions for training and supervision interspersed with offsite support for planning and reflection.


In the backdrop of beautiful mountains and sprawling 12 acres of land is the Delhi Public School Srinagar. It set out its objective as excellence in education and is slowly trying to meet its requirements. The school seeks to provide an environment of education that allows children to understand ways of making their life meaningful, to contemplate on issues that matter, and to engage in constructive dialogues. The Special Needs Education wing of the school was set up in 2012.

Starting Sept 2018, we are offering a 6-month certificate course titled ‘Learning Facilitation for Special Needs through Arts Based Interventions’ for 30 teachers of the SEN division of the school. This team works with about 120 children with varied needs in one-on-one and group settings through the week. The certificate course includes 3 direct contact sessions at the school to introduce creative methodologies into existing therapeutic protocols and observations in classrooms, assignments that focus on capacity building of the team and designing an arts based curriculum to complement the methodologies in the SEN division.