Mainstream Schools

Our work with mainstream schools is two fold: one to work with the children using creative interventions thereby prepare them for inclusion and second is to support the learning of children  who learn differently.

This aims to create readiness in schools for inclusion using the resources and the infrastructure that they have. Taking Arts based creative interventions into classroom settings looks at learning opportunities for all.


Over 200 children became a part of a unique session by Snehadhara at Insight Academy. The session focused on voice, rhythm, play and story.


We conducted a session on creative expressions using the body with the 4th-7th graders at the School of India. It was interesting to see how the children responded to group games and movement based learning.


The language of art event was at Sherwood High, an educational institution in Bannerghatta road. Facilitators from Snehadhara conducted interactive sessions with storytelling, drumming and voice and movement for about 200 children.