Arts is an experience, something that cannot be conveyed by the delivery of a monologue. Our sessions therefore have no lectures or powerpoint presentations, but instead are a tactile and fun personal learning experience. Participants are facilitated to explore and demonstrate parallels between the arts experience and their work environment on issues such as:

Overcoming challenges people face in creating innovation

Encouraging people to think differently

Allowing teams to experiment and learn from experience

Confronting unfamiliar circumstances with courage

Cultivating happiness and purpose

Creating a meaningful, respectful and enjoyable work environment

How we do it

Our sessions will be conducted using artistic tools like voice and rhythm, dance and movement, stories- sharing and creating, visual arts, theatre and drama, puppetry, role plays and drumming. It will also be designed to encourage dialogue and role plays.

Practicing Inclusion and Diversity in daily life

The genesis of all diversity training is the need to establish the difference between culture and compliance. It is important to establish a baseline understanding and agreement of the fundamental concepts.Using engaging stories and interactive exercises, employees explore the importance of diversity and inclusion and how to support the organization’s diversity efforts.

Inclusion begins with I: Arts for Wellbeing

Our trained and experienced practitioners facilitate sessions with a special focus on emotional intelligence for leadership, employee wellbeing and resilience, conflict management, creativity and innovative thinking, diversity and inclusion using a proprietary methodology called Arts Based Training (ABT) for psycho-social well being. These customised sessions locate itself with Human Resource/Learning and Development (HR/L&D) programs.

Our Trainings with Corporates