We are born unique; we are different from each other. This is the best part of being a human being. Most of the other beings look alike and act alike. They possess like-mindedness and we do not. Each one of us has a distinct pattern of understanding a task and performing it but there are few of us who are differently-abled and are disabled in understanding the social dynamics of the society, as they function differently.

Persons with disabilities form a large portion of our society. As per 2011 census there are around 27 million persons with disabilities. Out of this population there are 2.5 million people suffering from mental illness and mental retardation which constitutes a big 10 percent of the disabled population suffering from mental illness and mental retardation.

This explains the need of effective implementation human rights and other legal rights available to this section of people. Government of India has enacted many laws, policy and schemes to take care of person with disabilities. The National Trust has been established especially to support the cause for helping people suffering from mental illness.