Vana Enterprises Limited and Vana Foundation manifest the intentions of its founder Veer Singh. They have always believed that the land where their Retreat exists, the place Vana calls home, is blessed. But it is only through countless hours of work and creative energy, matched equally by willpower and focus, that they have come to make a small positive imprint. This is the beginning of Vana ’s journey, intertwined intimately with that of Veer’s and his dedicated and well-intentioned team.

Our program “Vakshana – Collaborative Leadership”, is an intensive certificate course for the top tiers of management to create a collaborative, compassionate leadership milieu.

We flagged off our year long engagement ‘ Vakshana – Collaborative Mindful Leadership’ with the Vana Sabha leaders at Dehradun. The focus of the programme is to explore and demonstrate parallels between the arts experience, self-reflections and the work environment. The session opened with exploring the dramatic structure of the mind ( Sue Jennings) through the experience of the embodied Mandala. The session also embodied spontaneity, playfulness, expressiveness, imagination, humor, empathy and childlikeness which served as a springboard for dramatic explorations.

Through our initiative ‘Creative Connections’, the Arts offer us a platform, a joyful tool to look at leadership and team building goals. The arts sector provides an area of expertise that it can share with the corporate world as organisations look for seekers and implementers, who are committed, self- motivated and resourceful.

In our attempt to build communities and capacity build using the Arts, Creative Connections, our year long engagement with the Vana team , saw us take our work to a group of 36 participants and their leadership team. The monthly sessions focus on well-being through the Arts, a search for equilibrium, the inner journey and learning that are at the heart of Vana. The three day workshop series resonate that and creating a space for inquiry.